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November 9, 2009

Special delivery

Very special indeed. We won't be spending Christmas in Denmark this year, although we were supposed to - we alternate between here and there. So, to ensure some semblance of a Proper Christmas, I ordered a few key Danish ingredients. I was actually supposed to go to a shop/cafe in London which sells some Danish foods, but I couldn't be sure that they would have what I needed, especially now, getting so close to Christmas. And the delivery cost was about the same as a return ticket to London, so why not have it delivered? :-)

Especially, Kirsebær sauce. It is a cherry sauce which you have with risalamande, the traditional Danish Christmas dessert, it's a rice pudding sort of thing, but you eat it cold and it also has whipped cream and chopped almonds in it. It is VERY yummy! But of course you can't buy the cherry sauce overhere, I have tried improvising with some tinned cherries in a 'sauce', but it's just not the same. At all.

I also bought some 'kransekagemasse', which is a marzipan mix you use for baking a special kind of cake, kransekage. A lot of Danish families have it with champagne on New Year's Eve and since Tony really likes kransekage, I thought he should have some for New Year's. But without the champagne, because neither of us likes it. And to be perfectly honest, I don't think that champagne and kransekage go very well together, because kransekage is VERY sweet. But maybe that's just me...

And then I also got some sweeties. 'Tyrkisk peber' which is a hard liquorice candy with a hot, salty liquorice powder inside them. You just can't get proper salty liquorice overhere! Plus some Danish sweeties that Tony likes. Sweeties for my sweet. :-)

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