Sunday, January 31, 2010

Draw 2010

These are a bunch of the drawings I have done in January. I have set up a separate blog for this 'project', so I won't be flooding this one with drawings all the time. :-)

I haven't done the drawing every single day, but I have done a drawing most days. Although the drawings are important, because I want to improve, being mindful of doing something creative each is the really important thing.

And I have found that on average a drawing takes about 20 minutes. That's not a lot. Contemplate how much time you (as in you, me, everyone) spend on watching telly or reading blogs or playing solitaire. Can't we find 20 minutes a day to create something?

If you want to follow my drawings -not updated every day-, please follow the link to Draw 2010.


Pearly Queen said...

Hi Carina

A bunch of us already do that - see Marmalade Rose's blog - we are her 20 minuters! We have resolved to try and do at least 20 mins crafting /creativity every day.

Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...) said...

Wow! I loved this idea. It's great. The truth is that you are publishing great things lately. Greetings!

Fanie || said...

Oh, I love this. :-) I've been looking to draw more in 2010, as well. I know I need to cut time on the computer, mostly. So thank you for remembering this to me.