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January 6, 2010

Orange and purple

Last year there was a slight delay before I got my birthday present from my sister and her husband. I got them with my Christmas present. But it was well worth waiting for! Some really pretty fabric in orange, which is really good, because I have very little orange in my fabric stash!

And then there is this. A little bit hippie, but who doesn't have an inner hippie, huh? And it is  really, really lovely. A piece of fabric from Peru where they went on holiday in April last year. Do you know anything about this sort of fabric/textile? I just did a quick Google search, but didn't find anything. Maybe if I look a bit harder... It feels quite warm and sort of woolly, so maybe it's alpaca?

It is about 3-4" squared. I wasn't sure what to use it for at first, because I don't want to cut into it, but as I was holding up earlier I suddenly had the idea to make a 'quilt' with it. Because it is quite warm in itself, I will only have the front and back layers.

It won't be the largest quilt ever, but it sure will be colourful, just you wait!


  1. Ahoy there, this is about your Peruvian Fabric you wanted any information on..

    I don't know that much but i suppose anything might be of help

    Now this "Telar" (Fabric in spanish) might be whats called "Aguayo" a handmade/handweaved fabric that is made with wool of llama or alpaca
    but the highest quality weaves are made with wool of Vicuña the one with the finest hairs/coat
    there is some information here: http://www.handicraft-bolivia.com/aguayo/buy-craft.php

    on another note.. i have found that handmade things with alpaca tend to be more furry. but this might be different when its for this style of fabric weaving..
    now here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YO9zsDuBgfs/Siq91chRNOI/AAAAAAAAAdE/kBYECZazEAc/s1600-h/Detalle+de+manta+Vicu%C3%B1a.JPG
    is a close up of a weave made with Vicuña wool, you can see it is very tight and fine and not that furry

    Here is a close up of a scarf weaved with Alpaca wool: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YO9zsDuBgfs/SlAeYmg5IMI/AAAAAAAAAh8/CPJl_jXCOK8/s1600-h/bufanda+alpaca+2.JPG
    youcan notice that it is bit more furry and kind of more rough.

    of course the tightness of the weave changes when it is handmade. when it is machine woven it will always be more even and tight (and harder to tell what it is! grr)
    these two last images are sourced from http://telaresybastidores.blogspot.com/

    but ayway..
    most likely it is llama or sheep wool
    and then prices would likely increase if the wool is alpaca. or.. vicuña(very expensive compared to the others - since it is best qualit)
    so sorry about the long comment, but am hoping this might help?

  2. oh no! I just realised i should have said "Telar" = Loom

    i must have grown up with wrong translation, i have always believed Telar to be Fabric,

    bonus Photo: http://paisinca.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=663018462&rev=0

    from the webpage: http://paisinca.skyrock.com/4.html

    the text under the picture says "young girl from CUSCO region making a blanket with rudimentary loom"

  3. Dear Carina,
    I have an Aguayo like yours, main colour is dark blue instead of violet (it is actually more then 10 years old) and I bought it in Bolivia. In Peru they are usually called Mantas
    My aquayo is made of polyester.

    If you have a look via google picture search or flickr, you can see that in the Andes traditional handmade as well as industrial machine made aguayos are in heavy use.


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