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February 10, 2010

Dotty for Wonky

This is quite special to me. It is fabric with my design on it (I've mentioned it before). But before I only had a 8"x8" swatch of it. Now I have, not exactly yardage, but about a fat quarter of it. That is pretty darn exciting!

My mum bought some of it through Spoonflower and she very kindly gave me the leftovers!

It was supposed to be a surprise for me for when we visited in January,  but my mum didn't realise that I could see on Spoonflower that she had bought some, so she thought it was less of a surprise. But it totally wasn't! Because I didn't expect to see that she had bought it. :-)

This is what she made with 'my' fabric. Cushion covers for their living room. I must say it looks pretty awesome against the brown leather.

Having a bit more of the fabric only makes me want to make more fabric designs. Imagine the possibilities.. with the likes of Spoonflower you can have Your Perfect Fabric Prints!

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  1. that is so sweet of your mum, & the fabric looks great made into cushions!


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