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February 23, 2010

My Twitter pet peeves

So... are you on Twitter yet? It's good fun and it's a cool way to connect to other folks. If you are just about to join Twitter, I have a few tips for you. Especially of you want people who don't already know you to follow you back. I am no expert on this subject, and these are not Rules, but I do know what annoys me, and since I am nothing special, I am sure it bugs others too (in fact, I know it does.)

- Fill in all the profile information. Atleast as much as you are comfortable sharing. Don't worry, you won't have to write an essay about your life. In fact, there are only 160 characters for the bio, so brevity is a virtue! But do link to your blog/website if you've got one. Because of the 160 character limit, this is where people will go to find out even more about you so they can decide whether to follow you back or not.

- Tweet before you follow. I know, it may seem a bit silly to tweet into empty space, but just like blogging, it's better to have some content before you start letting people know you are there. So tweet to yourself for a week or so. (But tweet quality stuff.) Then start following people. However, if some of your friends are already on Twitter, you should definitely follow them from the beginning. They know you already, so it's all good.

- Got an online shop? Awesome. Someone probably told you that tweeting about your wares is an amazing way to let people know about your shop and you will get tons of customers from it. Maybe. But most people get Seriously Fed Up with you if every other tweet from you is "just listed in my Etsy shop!" or "just sold and relisted this in my Etsy shop!" That is great, we're all happy for you. But ask yourself this: do you call all your friends every single time you add or sell something in your shop? They would probably start avoiding your calls. If you want people to be your Twitter 'friend', maybe spamming them like this isn't such a good idea.

- Don't use the normal tweets as a chat room. Please. You and one of your Twitter pals may love a certain tv show, but other than saying 'I love CSI', others probably aren't terribly interested in your insipid discussion of it. Use Direct Messages (= private) for longer conversations which, if you were reading them from someone else, would seem really boring.

- That's not to say that you shouldn't tweet about stuff you love, you absolutely, most definitely should. People want to follow people who are passionate about something. Especially if they share your passion. And if your tweets are interesting enough, people might even follow you just because they like to follow how you communicate those passions. Pretty cool.

- Don't get into Twitter just to get loads of followers. If it is just a numbers game for you, and not about the connections with other people, then what is it worth in the end? Not much, if you ask me.


  1. thanks for the tips! i just joined twitter and have no idea how people really use it!

  2. My twitter pet peeve are people who tweet every 2 hours.


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