Friday, February 26, 2010

We always get there in the long run(ner)

Ages and ages ago, way back in June 2008, Jesse organised a fabric swatch swap and I was part of that. And, uh, on Monday I finally got round to making something with the swatches I got. Well, most of them anyway.

And this is what I made: a table runner. I am quite pleased with it, I must say! As different as all the prints are, I think they go together somehow! Unfortunately, I can't remember who I got the swatches from, apart from these two: the one on the left is from Jen of painted fish studio and the one on the right is from Jesse herself.


painted fish studio said...

what a great idea! i still have my swatches, but no idea what to do with them... love the runner!

if i remember correctly, the far end swatch is from jewel weeds, but i can't remember the other 2.

HappySquirrel said...

That is a really nice runner. I ought to make something similar. My problem is that the table is always full of stuff!

Casey said...

it's so, so pretty!

Jesse said...

So nice to see this! (I really do need to start on my quilt soon...)

The 3 swatches on the left are from Art Box Diary, fourwallsdesign, and Jewelweeds.

Carina said...

Thank you all!

Ms Squrrel - my table is usually also full of crap. However, since I've put this runner on it, there seems to be less stuff on the table. It's like a miracle! ;-)

Thanks Jesse & Jen, for helping with the proper attributions! :-)