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March 28, 2010

Art of Star Wars

In case you didn't know, I totally love Star Wars! Like LURRRVE Star Wars. In fact, I met my sweet husband because of it - even more reason to love it!

The other day he called me on his lunch break, he was in a charity book shop and they had these 2 books and he asked if I wanted them. Before I even got a chance to decide yes or no, he said 'no, you're getting them!' Ok, yes sir. The Art of Star Wars, ANH and ESB. So cool. He is so cool, my husband.

And have a look at some of the pages (only from ESB)! Aren't they cool also?

Like, really really cool!

Ohhh ideas for Vader talking to the Emperor. So cool!

And creature drawings!

These, I think, are not only cool, they are also really quite beautiful.

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  1. Hehe! i am not into Star Wars, but those books look really cool! I like the egg embroidery. Such a lovely design. As usual, never disapointing.


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