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March 7, 2010

Criss-cross sky

Our view isn't really worth writing home about. Let alone write about on your blog. But sometimes the sky more than makes up for it. Like yesterday. Love vapour trails!


  1. Hi! Really impressive picture of the sky :D

  2. That looks cool :D I usually only see one or two in the sky.

  3. We like to see how sunsets are affected by vapor trails. It occurred to Hubby to wonder what it would be like without them. Sure enough he found online, that a scientist studied the sky over the USA the day after 9-11. There was no air traffic, and the sky was completely clear of vapor trails.

    Being on a plane route to Chicago, IL, USA, I cannot imagine what that would be like.

  4. Ohh yes, I have heard of that scientists research too. There is a theory about 'global dimming' caused by the vapour trails.. Fascinating stuff. :-)


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