Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My leaves

Hey, did I mention that I got my Spoonflower swatches last week? When I got the parcel, I was all, "what the heck is this, I didn't order anything.." But then, of course, I saw the Spoonflower logo And Then I was all "omg omg omg omg".

And then I told myself I had to prepare dinner Before Opening It. Do you think dinner was prepared in a jiffy? You betcha!

So, this is one of the designs. Autumn Leaves. I think it would be really nice as a tablecloth.  'cause it is multicoloured, so if you spill stuff (which I am indeed prone to do), it won't show up so much...

I'll show you some more of the designs soon. You can just see a corner of one of them to the left of the leaves. :-)


Meghan said...

you cracked me up with the comment about spilling things on the tablecloth! love the swatch, and i'm very intrigued by the little bit of the swatch visible to the left.

chocolategirl64 said...

apparently if your tablecloth is full of spills ~ it means you've had a fabulous feasty time ^_*
loving those leaves:

JennyC said...

Great job! It looks so pretty in fabric :)

Ruby said...

Mmmmm, I wanna see more!
Lovin the leaf design and it would make a fantastic table cloth, I want to own that table cloth.