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March 25, 2010

A question of colour

What's the story with these colours? 
Any ideas?


  1. i see a lovely summer garden -- eggplant/aubergine, squashes, rich soil, herbs and plants. so pretty!

  2. It's the North Yorkshire Moors - the purples are heathers, also the whites. The yellow is gorse, the green is grass and the brown is stalks/rocks etc. Oooh the whites could also be sheeps :-)

  3. English countryside?

  4. i see a small town. i don't know why.

    your eye for color schemes is amazing.

  5. They remind me of sherbet or gelato flavors...like, you're having a cone with a special someone at the end of a perfect, summertime date.

  6. the bright purple berries of a callicarpa bush
    {google it!}


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