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April 19, 2010

Mosaic Monday, April 19

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Right now, I was supposed to be on my way to London to meet up with my mum. But of course, that ain't happening. To be honest, as soon as I heard about the ash cloud, I started telling myself that they probably wouldn't be able to come over. Because, you know, how do you switch off a volcano? Or change the winds..?

They have re-booked for next month, but the thing is, that might not be possible anyway. Last time Eyjafjallajökull erupted, it lasted for over a year! Back then, not a big problem, there were no high-up-in-the-air planes. But now, imagine if there can be no flying to/from Northern Europe for a year! That is going to have a ripple effect all over the planet.

I am not sure where I am going with this post.. any ideas?! ;-)

PS. I changed the blog header - what do you think?


  1. I think it's amazing that nature can still bring this Earth to a halt if she feels like it. Something the governments and financials giants can't control. I hate there are so many stranded all over Europe. I'm sure many are wondering how they will get home to family if this goes on for a year. On the other hand, what an adventure for many. Personally, I'd love to be stuck in Britain for a while. Have a sweet day and you get a bit longer to plan your mom's visit...hopefully not to far away. off to listen to the "dawn chorus"!

  2. That makes me gonna cry. I cannot imagine that my mum might not be able to come in July or in December.....

  3. LOVE the new header and the big splash of color on the sides!

  4. Now, now, come down, T! It's not like there is NO way to get to/from the UK. There's the train or ferries. ;-)

  5. I like the new header a lot! Lovely!

  6. 1. Sorry your Mum can't come to visit...you must be so disappointed!
    2. Love, LOVE the new blog header. You have such cool ideas.
    3. I also wanted to be an astronomer but gave up for the same reason. I could still lay down outdoors and look at the stars and look out for satellites for hours if the sky was clear enough and it was warmer...

  7. I likel your new banner! It's a shame your Mom can't come to see you. It's been 19 years since my Mom passed and I miss her everyday. So see your Mom as much as you can you won't be sorry.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)


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