Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soft jars

Look what is brightening my desk lately. It's a shame I haven't got anymore jars at the moment or I could easily scatter a few of these all over the place. Although, I suppose Tony is probably happy that there is a limit to the crocheted jar goodness. ;-)

Too cute, huh? 

I am working on a tutorial for making these cosies, or whatever you want to call them. I thought about making an actual pattern, but considering how many types and shapes of jar there is, that would just be silly. Right? And you guys are clever clogs anyway. ;-)


Jesse said...

I like the scalloped edge! Very clever!

Aluajala said...

Your jars are adorable! I'll look forward for your tutorial - I wonder how you made the edging and also how to make the strips of different colors so that they make neat circles instead of spirals.

Fiona said...

A tutorial would be great. They would make lovely presents.