Thursday, April 1, 2010

To London...

Do you know lots about London? My mum and one of her friends is coming over for a visit later this month. I'm hoping some of you might be able to give me some tips for cool things to do with them. Both ladies have been to London before, so we are probably going to give the "usual suspects" a miss. ;-)

So, first of all, interesting stuff to do/see in London? Both my mum and her friend are interested in arty-crafty stuff.. Preferably within zones 1-2.

And, what market to visit? Market in singular, because there'll be time for just one! ;-) No food markets, because, well, just because.

So far, we'll probably be going to the Quilts exhibition at the V&A, visit an awesome fabric shop which I can't remember the name of right now.. but that's pretty much it.

Any thoughts?


chocolategirl64 said...

if it's Sunday then go to Spitalfields Market and a stroll round the corner to Brick Lane and the Sunday UpMarket: lots of individually crafted things from brooches to bloomers, handbags to hats: posters to pillows: yummy places to eat too!
or Columbia Road Flower Market as there are lots of gorgeous shops along that road as well as all the beautiful blooms:

Jess said...

Reading your current to-do list made me smile...I'm off to London on saturday for a few days and so far all I have on my to-do list is the V&A Quilt exhibition and to visit one of my favourite fabric shops - Fabrics Galore in Lavendar Hill, Clapham - definately worth a trip (

I'll be interested to see some of the other suggestions you get - I may pinch one or two!

Pearly Queen said...


lavidalondon said...

If you're at Fabrics Galore, it might be worth a wander up the Northcote Road (just down the hill and around the corner from the fabric shop). There is a bit of a street market (not as fab as Spitalfields or the UpMarket), and a few sweet independent little shops, like the honey shop.

If you're near London Bridge/Borough, there's a cute little teahouse called Shipp's Tearooms right around the corner from Borough Market.

I'm sure I'll think of other things! I love coming up with 'non-tourist' things for friends to do when they come to visit!

Carina said...

Hey guys, thank you for all your suggestions! Adding them to the list of possibilities! :-)