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May 26, 2010

Fabric question

A bit of a hooky experiment.. who knows if it will actually go anywhere. But that's the beauty of experiments, right? They don't have to have an end result! :-)

Today is our anniversary, 7 years we've been together, Tony and I. Funny thing, we didn't actually meet in person until about 3 weeks later. So I guess we've kinda got two anniversaries... Can barely believe it's been 7 years already, time sure does fly. :-)

Now, a question for you fabric experts: where, in the UK, can I get my hands on some reasonably priced white/natural coloured thin cotton? I need it for the back of the quilt I am making. I want it to be super-light, so I am wondering if I can use muslin for the back?

Edit! Oh, I forgot to say: my Etsy shop is almost at 200 sales (yay!), so I want to celebrate that! No.s 197, 198 and 199 will get a free pattern of their choice. And no. 200 will get 2 free patterns. Yay! Just let me know in message to seller which free pattern you'd like. :-)

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  1. Ikea do a very cheap calico-type cotton but I wonder if it would be a little heavy for your needs. It's only £1.50 a metre. Any decent fabric shop should sell white cotton sheeting which is possibly what you want. I pay about £2 a metre for that from our local shop Remnant Kings.

  2. The sewing centere in Scarborough has very reasonably priced fabrics. They might even an on-line store.

  3. Yummie! That crochet square is really delicious :)


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