Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New table runner

I have had these two Skinny Laminx tea towels for a little while. The Eep design. They never made it into the kitchen. I make a lot of tomato sauce related food and nomatter how well you clean up, somehow orange stains always end up on tea towels. Especially visible on white ones! Eep!

So what to do with the tea towels? Hence their hibernation in a drawer.

But then it finally struck me! I have two, maybe they are long enough to make a (coffee) table runner if I sew them together!? And what do you know, they were! Isn't that a good use of them? I am so happy with how they look. :-)

Kindly ignore the fact that I didn't iron the tea towels/table runner before taking the picture...

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Fiona said...

What a brilliant idea. It looks great.

3 Peeps Designs said...

You've been awarded a Sunshine Blog Award by http://www.3peepsdesigns.blogger.com

LenaDesign said...

Great idea and it looks lovely. But I have abrilliant tip for you to get tomato stains out. Works wonders usualy. get yousrelf into a supermarket and look in the washing detergent section for a spray bottle with the name Shout on it. You get all real nasty stains out that never come out in the normal wash. you need t spray it on and leave it soaking over night or so and then wash it. with real bad stains you have to do it twice. It works better on fresh stains though. all of my family swear on it ;)

Carina said...

Thank you so much!

T- I'll keep that in mind. Seeing as your whole family swears by it! :-D