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May 25, 2010

Nibble on Yoda's ears

If you know how much I love Star Wars, you can probably guess my reaction to seeing these. "Oh My Gawd!" Star Wars cookie cutters!  I don't think they could be any more perfect. Except maybe if they included R2 and the Death Star. Oh and if I owned them, of course. That's a not so subtle hint to my sister. ;-)

P.S. Happy Geek Pride Day!

Image from the Williams Sonoma website.

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  1. Well Christmas is right around the corner, right!!! Hope you ha fun with Mom. We are taking off for a couple of days of fun in Das Bus!!

  2. Wow these RULE! Star wars and cookies, could it get any better?

  3. I bought these! And you can also buy the tools to make these in pancake shapes. YODA! PANCAKES!


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