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May 15, 2010

Rainbow in bags

This is how I store my embroidery thread. Clear plastic bags, so I can see the colours, roughly sorted by colour. Some of them are on bobbins, they are from when I started embroidering when I thought that was the proper way to store them. It may be for some people, but not for me. Also, I'd rather be stitching than winding threads on bobbins. Meaning, I'm kinda lazy.. the path of least resistence? Yes, please, thank you very much, I'll take that one!

How about you? How do you store your thread?

Reminder: don't forget, you can still enter the felt give-away! I am closing the comments tomorrow morning, so there's still just shy of 24 hours left. Go here for the details. :-)

The give-away has ended. Thank you for your entries. The winner will be drawn in the next couple of days.
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  1. I love your little rainbow bags. I have my thread in 4 x floss boxes all wound on the little bobbins. lol. Theraputic and repetitive putting them together, and I just like all the little colours lined up. Before this, they lived in biscuit tins. I also have a list of each colour that is on a bobbin, then I have a list of the spares or extras that I have too. Hmmmm, too much time on my hands?? Perhaps, but it was a little 'craft' project in itself. I love seeing how others store, craft and live. Thanks so much for a peek into your threads.

  2. I keep mine in little plastic bags, too, but only one color per bag (a bit of a stickler, I guess). The floss bags are sorted by color on a ring. I travel a lot, and it's easy to grab the ring and smash it into a suitcase. :)


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