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June 9, 2010

Flattr - support content with micropayments

Thank you all for your sweet comments about Tony's shirt! I think I forgot to mention (not that anyone has asked, but I thought I'd just say it anyway) that Tony picked the fabric for it himself. Isn't that cool? HE is so cool. Oh yes!

Ok, now on to the actual subject of this post-

Have you heard of Flattr? This is their own short explanation of what it is:
Flattr is a social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like. Help support the people you like and enable them to continue with what they do. Add your own things to Flattr and receive appreciation from others.
It is a way to earn a little bit of money from blogging (for example). Yes, I know, not everyone wants to make money from their blog - that's cool too. But that's a different discussion altogether.

So, you can earn a little money. How? Well, you have to sign up for a (free) account and add some buttons to your blog/site/individual blog posts. You have to add some funds to your account and also add an amount to it each month.

See there in the picture, there's a Flattr button at the bottom of the post.

Once you are all set up you simply surf the interwebs like normal. But, if you come across a post you think is really ace, and you want to support that blogger, and the post has a Flattr button, you click on the button! And then that person will get a portion of the amount you are giving out in a particular month. The more things you Flattr, the smaller portions each person gets. But they all still get something!

And of course, it goes the other way too: if other Flattr users see your post and like it, they will click your button and you will get a share of the amount they are giving that month. This is the key to Flattr - you have to give to receive.

I really like this idea! Not so much because you can make a lot of money from it - but because it is saying to other people that 1) you appreciate their work and 2) you want to support it even if you can only afford a little bit.

Not everyone, and certainly not crafters I suspect(!), can afford to buy a lot of beautiful handmade things all the time. But most people 'waste' money on stuff like magazines or Starbucks coffee, so wouldn't it be wonderful if we could support our favourite makers/crafters/writers with just a little bit too?

But the system needs lots of people to have a real effect. Which is why I think you should sign up with Flattr! They are in Beta still, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of days to get your invitation.

There is so much amazing content out there, which people create and share for everyone to enjoy. All those tutorials and free patterns and whatnot - they take time and effort. Wouldn't it be wonderful to give something back to them? To say "this is great! I learnt something. Please make some more. I support you!"

I think it is really important to support each other in any way we can. With comments, yes! Nice emails, yes! But, if we are able to, also with a bit of money. 

If you do sign up to Flattr, do come back here and leave a comment - I would love to spread my Flattr love with you. :-)

If you would like to see more about Flattr - visit their website or have a look at this video.

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  1. thanks for explaining, I am considering signing up. :-)


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