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June 10, 2010

Fox. Ræv. Renard.

Happy Thursday!

Have you signed up for the Polka & Bloom newsletter yet? You can use the form over there in the sidebar. I am working working working on a project which I am almost ready to reveal and the newsletter folks will get the scoop on it! It is of course embroidery related and that's about all that I am prepared to say right now. ;-)

And look who came to visit this morning! We've seen foxes on the 'green' infront of the flats before, but usually at night. But this one was in broad daylight and there were some people fairly nearby the fox, and it didn't seem to bother it at all.

Sniffing the grass. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

And even more sniffing. Errr, no, that pile of dirt behind the fox is not the work of some super mole!

I guess Foxy found a place to mark his/her territory! ;-)

○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○


  1. Foxes are coming in for a bit of a bad press at the moment. Probably best not to invite him in.

  2. Oh I know - how terrible!

    But no.. I wasn't going to invite him in for tea and biscuits! ..do foexes eat biscuits? ;-)


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