Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stringy turquoise

Some old bracelets. Do you think I like turquoise..? ;-)

Look how stretched out the elastic has become on most of them. In some cases it seems almost brittle. Weird, huh? And how can they become stretched like that when I haven't used them in ages? Also weird..

I am going to cut them up and reuse the beads. But what kind of elastic do I need? Is there a special jewellery/bracelet elastic? Any DIY jewellery experts outthere?

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Pearly Queen said...


There's a kind of stretchy nylon around now for bracelet-making. Not so easy to knot, but otherwise great.

The other stuff was rubber strands wrapped in some yarn or other, and the rubber just decays over time. I'm not sure if modern shirring elastic is the same, but I would try the nylon stuff if I were you...

Carina said...

Thank you! I will see if I can find some of the nylon stuff! :-)

beadgirl said...

The clear stretchy elastic cord they sell is pretty good, but I'd advise putting a drop of clear nail polish or clear glue on the knot, to keep it from sliding apart.

The most secure way, however, would be to string the beads properly on beading wire and use a clasp.

nikkiinstitches said...

I love the colors of those beads! When I first started my blog just over a year ago, I put up a post on crocheted beaded bracelets. Your beads would be perfect for that project! Here's the link, and let me know if you give it a try!!