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July 2, 2010

It's a give-away! And thank-yous!

Are you keeping cool? Phew, it's so hot here, we've camped out at Tony's parents' for the day!

I just wanted to let you know that Molly over at Charlotte's Fancy has a give-away for a copy of my ebook. So if that tickles your fancy (hehe), why not head overthere and enter?! It ends tonight (at 5pm) so ya gotta act quick!

Fancy reading some reviews of the ebook? Molly, Sister Diane and Nicole of Follow the White Bunny have all very kindly said very sweet and kind words about it for which I am really, really grateful :-)

Have a fab weekend!

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  1. I popped over to Charolette's Fancy and managed to have a brain disconnect along the way and left the message intended for you on her blog!

    Must stay focused!

    So! Here it is again - on your post where it belongs!

    From what I saw on Diane's review, you have done a great job on this e-book. Fresh concept, beautiful photography and excellent instruction.

    I missed the chance to win but I am not too late to say "bravo you"!

  2. Thank you so much, Pam!

    And don't worry 'bout brain disconnects - I am once managed to paste a whole blog post into the comment on another blog. And didn't realise until Ihad hit the save button. And there was no way of deleting it! :-D


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