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October 8, 2010

A bit odd?

Hello, how are you?

It's amazing: the weather here today is sunny and birds are singing, it really feels like a spring day. Makes you wonder if the globe overnight and we're now in the Southern Hemisphere! But I guess not, surely, if that were the case it'd be all over Twitter! ;-)

Those are my current favourite socks. They are very happy! I just regret not buying another pair in a different colour combination - then I could have worn odd socks. I like wearing odd socks, you see. Is that weird?

Tonight we're going to IKEA and that also makes me happy. For one, because I ♥ IKEA and two, because we're getting ourselves a large bookcase so hopefully now we can get our books in some kind of order. Especially my large art/craft books which until now have been living behind a chest of drawers; that's no way to treat a book!

How about you? Do you wear odd socks? Have you been to IKEA lately? Don't forget to visit the Bargain Corner if you're going - you might get lucky in the fabric bin. Yeah, not *that* kind of lucky! ;-)


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