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November 3, 2010

Maybe you can help? Plus bunting for sale

Crochet bunting
Remember  I made a crochet bunting earlier this year? I actually made another one, you know, just because! Well, I don't need another one.. but maybe you do? If you do, you can snap it up in my special crochet shop. It's the only one in the whole word. Apart from mine of course! But you're not getting mine! ;-)

Granny triangle
Maybe you can help out a fellow reader? Carolina is travelling to Miami, from Chile (why don't I ever get to go anywhere exotic like that?!) next week and is asking where she can get her hands on cotton yarn.

I have no idea, unfortunately, but maybe you guys do? Even if you don't live in Miami, maybe you have visited and been to a nice yarn shop? Please leave a comment if you can help Carolina. Thank you in advance!


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