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January 12, 2011

Sweet Posy pattern

Sweet Posy - embroidery pattern
So I was a good girl and finished the new pattern today! Woop!

And here it is: Sweet Posy. It is very vintage inspired - and I think even the colours are vintage-y. Atleast I think so. Oh and I used DMC 899 in my stitched version, so this pattern is not only pretty, it's also really rather trendy! ;-)

Sweet Posy is available in the shop right now. :-)

Sweet Posy - embroidery pattern
If you fancy winning a copy of Sweet Posy, or another Polka & Bloom pattern, hoppity-skip over to the Campfire Chic blog where there's a pretty nice give-away going on. The give-away ends on January 28.

Sweet Posy - embroidery pattern

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