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February 21, 2011

Parlez-vous mittens?

Mittens for my sister
I don't think I've shared these mittens I made for my sister. I made the pattern for the mittens myself and everything! And then I stitched on them. Writing 'left' and 'right' in French. My sister lived in France for a little while, so I thought it was fitting. :-)

Mittens for my sister
The lettering is done with whipped chain stitch. I quite like whipped chain stitch! I used two different pinks, but it's a bit difficult to tell. I think using similar colours in this type of stitch gives a nice shaded effect.

Mittens for my sister
It was surprisingly difficult to take a picture that showed the actual colour of the corduroy.. in the end I just gave up! It is a lot warmer in reality. The photo below shows it a bit better.

Mittens for my sister
I lined the mittens with a nice warm orange fleece. Mittens must be warm, don't you think? Even if you live in California like my sister! ;-)

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