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May 11, 2011

Easy-peasy coaster idea

Easy peasy coasters
This is an idea. I would call it a tutorial, but it is so easy, it can hardly be called that. I had a few smallish scraps of fabric (lightly coated with something so it can be wiped clean.. what do you call it?) that my mum gave me a couple of years ago.

It's very pretty (tiny strawberries!) but the scraps weren't large enough to use for a 'proper' project like a bag or something. But then I had this idea to use it for coasters. Not that we need *that* many coasters, it's just the two of us, after all. However, I'm always afraid that I'm going to set down my glass on the edge of a coaster and it'll tip over and drink will go everywhere (yeah, I should just look when I put down my glass, oh well).

So these coasters help avoid clumsy-ness related spillages as well as use those scraps for something!

This is what you do, in case you hadn't figured it out already: use a small bowl or a lid or other round object, trace it multiple times, cut out with your trusty scissors. And Bob's your uncle!

And it could be a fun thing for a party! Usually you can remnants of this type of fabric or regular oilcloth at the fabric store and you could use those to cut a whole bunch of circles (or other shapes, if that's what you fancy) spread them all over as a colourful element. If your kids can handle a pair of scissors, maybe they would like to help? "Go nuts, kiddo, we need 100 of these!" Might get some interesting shapes out of that one! ;-)

The coasters are very practical because there's bound to be a coaster nearby for everyone. Plus they can be wiped clean so you can use them over and over!

Easy peasy coasters

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