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June 27, 2011

Mosaic Monday, June 27

Embroidery Samplesew lovely fox 01025.6.2011 - the path to orangegooseneckKaffepannsunderlägg.Quick-and-easy German Strawberry Vanilla Pudding Cake
Ecuador womans blousesketch gypo summer week 2Batik 5handmade soft sculptureCzechoslovak matchbox labels (uncut sheet)Set of Fake Moss Terrariums
dots of softminke whaleLAURA'S BLANKET...Leeds castle, lady's bedroomMolly's Sketchbook: Citrus Coasters
DIY laundry bag from thrifted items!vintage scrap bookstamped brown paperLuella...Phillip JacobsPolar Bear

I used to do this Mosaic Monday thing every Monday for the longest while, but then all of a sudden the Mosaic Maker didn't like me any more. Or something - it doesn't work for me/my computer any more. Boo!

But then I figured out that you can blog favourites right from the Flickr page and that's ace, because now I can do Mosaic Monday again!

And it's kinda better because now each little photo in the 'mosaic' is clickable, so if there's one you want to check out in larger size, you just click it and off you go to Flickr! Magic!

In case you're wondering what 'Mosaic Monday' is, well, it's quite simple. When you browse on Flickr you might favourite some of the photos you see. Then on Mondays you blog a mosaic of these. If the Mosaic Makes does work for you, then it creates an image with some of your favourites which you can then post to your blog and add to the Mosaic Monday Flickr group. It's fun!

Here's how you make a Flickr mosaic with the Mosaic Maker. :-)

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  1. What a sweet collection of inspiration. My giveaway prize arrived this weekend and I will be posting about it. I am so excited! ~Kelly

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