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December 5, 2011

Mosaic Monday, December 5

linzer biscuits makingOn the go detailPlante grasseCallicarpa bodinieri var: giraldii 'Profusion' Beautyberry critique littéraire
LaFazio mixed media in progress from class demo detailzipdiy lace lamp30 11 2011I'm Dreaming of a Pink ChristmasMerry Christmas Ella Vaughn (Blackbird Designs)
Washi taped pegsPetits "griffonnages"DSCF3554embroidered samplenew prints!
Frosty Grasses - THANK YOU Nancy Rose!CyanotypePolitimesterboligen i DrammenFruit tartlet - detailcardsIMG_3785

Click on each thumbnail to see larger image over on Flickr and to see the image details.

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