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January 10, 2012

Christmas and New Year's snapshots

Gamle glaskugler
I promised you some more photos from Denmark and Christmas and here they are! :-)

Klar til at pynte træet
I love the mix of old glass baubles and handmade things made by different people, in different styles. Woven paper hearts, tiny sewn stockings, cross stitched cones. Ornaments made from beads, made by my grandma.

Here's the tree. Lots of air between the branches, shows off the ornaments better. 

A cozy corner with coxy red details.

Disneys Juleshow
Now this, this is a tradition! Every year the "Disneys Juleshow" is on telly. It's basically little bits from old Disney films and there are sometimes snippets of upcoming ones too. It's mainly for kids, but it's a tradition, so I had to watch it, right? ;-)

Disneys Juleshow Disneys Juleshow

Brought back lots of memories of watching this as a kid. Impatiently waiting for Christmas dinner to be served and be over with so we could get to the important stuff of having presents! :-)

Making marzipan. Some colourful. Some with chocolate. Some with fancy flavours or decorated with almonds and nuts.

More tree decorations...

Dronningens nytårstale
This is from New Year's Eve. The Danish Queen gives a speech from her castle in Copenhagen. She does it live which is pretty cool. She sometimes says some thought provoking things (meaning she tells people off!), but nothing political. I'm not a fan of the monarchy, but I think she's pretty cool, actually.

Kransekage nytårsaften
Once the clock strikes midnight it's time for champagne and kransekage (a marzipan cake). 

Fireworks Fireworks

And fireworks of course! Danes go pretty crazy with their fireworks. Don't be surprised if it lasts for almost an hour. And that's just regular people's fireworks. There's so much fireworks that we just looked at other people's.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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