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January 27, 2012

Polar bear fabric

Polar bears on mint
I love polar bears. Like, a lot. Well, I love the idea of polar bears, and the fact that they are on the planet - I'm not so sure I'd love to actually run into one...

Anyway, I love polar bears! And I wanted some fabric with polar bears. Where they look fairly real and not like the cuddly teddy bears which they most definitely are not. So I designed some fabric. As you do. ;-)

I'm going to make a polar bear quilt for myself and I'll call it Ursus Maritimus. Or perhaps the Artic Quilt. Well maybe not. Is it a bit strange to name your quilts? Do you do that?

Polar bears on pink Polar bears on teal

You can find the polar bear fabrics over on Spoonflower if you also fancy some fabric with a bit of an Arctic flavour. :-)

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