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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fancy winning a Polka & Bloom pattern?

Win Polk a& Bloom patterns at The Making Spot
Hey, there's a give away of Polka & Bloom embroidery patterns (you know, designed by moi!) over on The Making Spot blog. Three patterns are up for grabs, so do check it out if you want to get stitching.

The give away ends on Friday so get in there while you can. :-)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mosaic Monday, February 27

intentional blurnew fabrics......cross stitch flowersslow_foota sort of strangeness was creeping in
saturday morning525 done! The Orchard, detail shotFinishedCrewel Embroidery, Vintage Floral
Swatch Book PagesPalm Springs*technicolour pancake day
DSCN9192confetti-plantFlower patternscircles of colourIMG_4833The Rose One

Click on each thumbnail to see the larger image over on Flickr and to see who took/made the picture.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

London - Pattern - Neon

Grosvenor Square In Grosvenor Square

I went into London yesterday. And I took some pictures. First I went to this place in Grosvenor Square. I took all the pictures with the FxCamera app on my phone. Which makes them look sorta polaroid-y. Which I quite like and I have figured out why that is: because it takes square pictures I have to focus more on what I'm taking pictures of and how I position that in the frame.

With my normal camera I can just generally shoot what I'm looking at and then crop it later if necessary. But I can't do that with this app. Makes it a fun challenge! You can see the images larger in this set over on Flickr + a few extra ones. :-)

British Museum British Museum glass roof

British Museum reflection British Museum pavement
After Grosvenor Square I walked all the way along Oxford Street to Tottenham Court Road (that's quite a walk!) and around the corner to the British Museum. I like the BM, but it's so big and I always manage to get slightly lost. Sometimes that's annoying and sometimes it's an adventure.

Tube station floor Tube seat pattern
Some patterns I saw on the Tube. 

A guy sat down across from me on the Tube and pulled a Rubik's cube which he solved in what seemed like 30 seconds! The he put it back in his pocket and pulled out another one with 5x5 squares on each side and starting solving that one! I really wanted to lean over and ask him "Is there a system to this?!" But I didn't. I get the impression that talking to people on the Tube is frowned upon. Also, I'm kinda shy. ;-)

Neon! Neon!
Bits of neon spotted on Oxford Street!

Neon! Neon!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorial: Make a white board from a picture frame

Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial
Use a picture frame to make a small (or large!) a whiteboard type surface that you can write on, or draw on. Yoda quote optional!

This would be really great as a notice board or use it to write your weekly meal plan!

Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial
What you need:

A frame with glass, as small or large as you like.
Piece of fabric (or paper) large enough to cover the glass + a bit extra on each side. It's best if the background fabric isn't too busy and not too light because then the writing may not be properly visible.
Ribbon, thread, lace - whatever you'd like to use to decorate the background fabric (optional).
Special pen, sometimes called chalkboard pen. It can be used on blackboards too, but it's not so easy to qipe off from a blackboard. The one I use is called 'Uni Posca'.

Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial
Embellish the fabric if you like. I stitched a bit of matching fabric and ribbon to the background. Iron the fabric if you like. ;-)

Sandwich the fabric between the glass and the frame backing. Trim off excess fabric.

Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial
Write on the frame! Would be a cute gift for someone, maybe a lovely quote or a special drawing. Don't forget to give them a pen as well, so they can write their own message. The writing can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Picture frame as whiteboard - tutorial
Here you can see the pen a bit better...

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Colour rich

Sometimes work looks like this...
We'll never be rich...

But when work looks like this, I feel rich. :-)

Happy Monday!

Sometimes work looks like this...

Sometimes work looks like this...

Sometimes work looks like this...

Sometimes work looks like this...

Sometimes work looks like this...

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