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June 8, 2012

In London with Nicole

London 1 June 2012
Last Friday I went to London to meet up with my &Stitches colleague Nicole - she was in town for the weekend and we couldn't pass up this opportunity to meet face to face!

We had wander about Covent Garden and Leicester Square before having lunch together. And then afterwards we visited the Natural History Museum where we checked out the dinosaurs and chatted about &Stitches and crafting and stuff. Such a lovely day, which we must surely repeat at some point!

Tin from Nicole
Nicole brought me this cute tin - with some Dutch waffle-y cookies. Tony likes the cookies! ;-)

Meeting Nicole has made me think about how amazing and wonderful it is that we can meet people from any country and they can become our friends! Or husband!

Strangely, it also has me thinking about how some people say they're your friends, but then basically stab you in the back when you least expect it.. It can be a bit more difficult to tell who those people are online...

Luckily, Nicole is as ace in person as she is online and I'm so happy that we finally met and I'm happy to call her my dear friend. Even if she laughed at my tiny hands. ;-)

Tin from Nicole

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