Monday, August 13, 2012

Christmas Stitches class starts soon - sign up now!

Christmas Stitches Class 2012
Did you watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics last night? I thought it was quite good. It felt like a party! I was more moved by it than the opening ceremony.

So now that the Olympics are over and there's no sports on the telly (at least not what felt like 24 hour coverage!) - what are you going to do with all that free time?

If you're fretting about that - I have the perfect solution! Stitch Christmas presents and decorative items with me in my Christmas Stitches class! The class is an embroidery/sewing class and starts on Monday (August 20th) - and yes, that's early, but you know you gotta get started on those handmade gifts early!

And speaking of early: sign up between now and Thursday (the 16th) and save $3.50 off the class price! Just enter YULETIDE at checkout.

The class runs over 4 weeks and all the materials will be available until the end of November. Read here for information about the class and to sign up. Beginner stitchers are very welcome!

Join me for some stitchy fun! :-)

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