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January 18, 2013

Big Crafty and Handmade Destash Sale

Rainbow Explosion embroidered piece
I've been doing a loooot of sorting through things the last couple of weeks and now I've finally got everything in the shop. Well, things that are either useful or pretty. ;-) Lots of crafty bits, either materials or things I've made, are ready for you to grab a bargain! These are all one of a kind, so once they're gone.. they're gone!

The embroidered piece above, Rainbow Explosion is in it too. Although... am I really able to let it go?! Love those colours so much. :-) But no, it's gotta go live with someone else now.

Crochet brooches
Colourful cotton crochet brooches made by me. Obviously. :-)

Emily Peacock set
This is a Emily Peacock 'kit' I got at a workshop almost two years ago. It's got a key design, an ampersand design, a bunch of wool thread and even the canvas that I started working on. It's been sitting in a drawer ever since, despite my best intentions that I'm going to work on it. But 'some day' has never materialised, so it's time it finds a new home. I feel a bit odd about selling a kit from another designer, so I'm basically giving it away and you just have to pay for the postage. But since my shopping cart has to have a price.. it's a mere $0.10. :-)
Zipper pouch Pincushion
Hot pink zipper pouch with a gocco print designed by me. There's also a pink and an orange one.

There's also a whole bunch of pincushions. The citrus-y one on the left there is just one of them.

Project bag Embroidered table mats
A cute bag that's perfect as a project bag. A set of table mats with embroidered herbs.

There's lots more besides: buttons, crochet bracelet sets, needle books and more! There's also a whole bunch of fabrics. A lot of it from Denmark.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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