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January 11, 2013

Who's messy now?!

Tidy desk
Remember I showed you my mess last year? It was extra bad then, but I'm never completely tidy... I think it's in my nature to be messy after all. ;-)

However, this week I've been doing a lot of tidying because tomorrow we've got two estate agents coming to take a look at the flat and tell us what it's worth. So we can buy a house soon hopefully! Please cross your fingers that it is worth enough!!

I thought I'd immortalise this rare tidy occasion. So I can remember what it can look like! My mum would be so proud. ;-)

My desk up there, all nice and tidy, just a few bits I need.

Coffee table
The coffee table. Usually there's atleast one big pile of random papers, books and projects. But just look how pretty it can look! I love those big glass ornaments.. looove!

Side table
This is a small side table next to the sofa. That's usually also full of random bits and bobs, but at the moment there's only a few things. I got that little clear box in Muji, it's really handy for all those little bits I need when sewing.

Tidy fabrics Book case
Even my fabrics got a bit of an overhaul so the stacks are now fairly even instead of being randomly piled. Well, except for that bottom shelp, but hey-ho. The bookcase is looking nice and tidy too. And I finally took down some Christmas decs which have been sitting in it for the past year!

PS - Don't forget that today is the last day to save on the 2013 pattern subscription! Details are here.

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  1. Yes I do remeber your photos last year - And I thought... Finally one like me :-) But this year I Think it going to be better according to the organisation. Wow so love fabric and soooo much! Fingers crossed and hope you're going to have an awsome weekend!

  2. Fingers crossed for the estate agents' visit!


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