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February 6, 2013

Blomkrans - new embroidery pattern!

Blomkrans embroidery pattern
This is my new pattern! It is called Blomkrans which means 'flower wreath' in Swedish. The pattern is inspired by Yllebroderi which is a mostly Swedish type of embroidery - so I thought it was fitting that the name reflected that. :-)

It also feels a bit like going back to some of my early patterns, like Tree of Life and Harvest Sky for example. It's nice to try new things but it's also really nice to see that things are connected somehow.

The original size of this pattern sits comfortably in a 7" hoop and will just about squeeze into a 6" one as well.  I've included a couple of extra sizes in the pattern. But the extra special fun part (for me atleast!) is that there are no less than 15 extra motifs included which are all derived from the original pattern. So there's lots of room for making up your combinations!

Oh and this is also the first pattern in the 2013 pattern subscription. :-)

Blomkrans embroidery pattern

Blomkrans embroidery pattern

Blomkrans embroidery pattern

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