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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mosaic Monday, March 25

tiny can of harissa.DELICADEZA...Austria postage stamp: artLove tulips #kviltstina #flowers #tulips #pink #spring #march #sweden #birthday #2013 #followgram #statigram
horizontstrawsa sea of crochetBasket of TulipsStem Stitch SamplerA.J.Polak Vanillesuiker
simple surface designyellow ceramic jar with neon pink lidCours de crochet chez Rrose SelavyEasy crochetCollage: Starting Over
ProgressWarhol's Camp.Sashiko panel centeredDaniel Higgs "The Godward Way" now available for pre-order from shop.southern comlavender sage art retreat
It's been a while since I last did a Mosaic Monday post... I quite enjoy these posts, so I should do them more, really! :-) Click on the thumbnails to see the larger version over on Flickr and all the details about who took the photos etc.

Can you believe March is almost over? And yet, this week we had snow! Not loads, but still. This time last year we were in t-shirts because we had a spell of unusually hot weather. Crazy..!

xo, Carina
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