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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mosaic Monday, May 13

Whee! Family birthday celebration day with cake and presents! It's possible I picked them out myself. :)neon brights oval coiled mat4spring garland inspirationMay: Exploring Satin Stitch on &Stitches!121/365
Between the raindropspretty tablecloth3birds, books and bobsmy balcony is ready for summer
Organizing... Perhaps DistractedBotany Diagram Embroidery Hoop Art, Make-Believe Flowerwalked 4 1/2 miles today05-01-13aflower giftHearts a-flutter
Alfredo da ConceicaoSaxifraga rooduploadStashmy goal for may- do something inspiring/creative and share it here and in my blog. come join me! #everydayinmay

A few of my recent Flickr favourites. Lots of blooms and blossoming going on! Click on each thumbnail to see the larger version on Flickr and who took/made it. Happy Monday!

xo, Carina
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