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May 6, 2013

New class: Embellish with Stitches

Embellish with Stitches
I am always tinkering with my clothes, making alterations and adding embellishments. I just can't help myself. ;-)

And I am quite short, so trousers and jeans certainly always have to be shortened, some times tops need a bit of adjusting too. Just because you bought something from a shop doesn't mean you can't alter it if you want/need to.

Now shortening jeans is not that much fun but adding embellishments definitely is! Adding a bit of a embroidery to a garment to make it unique? I'm in! And it's frugal too. Maybe you have a couple of plain tops languishing in the wardrobe because they are just a bit, well, boring (guilty!) Or how about a jacket that has been replaced by one that's a bit more en vogue? Guilty there, too!

No need to give/throw them away, though! With a bit of time, a few simple supplies and my new embroidery class, Embellish with Stitches, you can give your clothes a new lease on life. It will be 4 weeks jam-packed with fun ideas for updating items in your wardrobe (or charity shop finds), fun stitches plus techniques for embroiderying on awkward fabrics such as tshirts. And there will also be a couple of unusual things to embellish, which I'm very excited about!

The class starts May 20th - and just in time too so we can get our wardrobes in tip-top shape for the summer season! Sign up for the class right here.

xo, Carina
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