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June 7, 2013

Blue in London

I went to London yesterday, to meet with Julie, yay! We saw the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. It was very interesting! And we sat in the sun (!!) in a park and chatted for a couple of hours. Hello sunburn! ;-)

Walking back from the museum I took a few photos as I walked across Tower Bridge. Oh and there are some more pictures (mostly Instagram ones) in this Flickr set.

I'm riveted by this blue colour. ;-)

Looking towards Canary Wharf (all the tall buildings).

As luck would have it, they were opening the bridge just as I was crossing it! I've never seen that in real life before. It was quite exciting. And it went up really fast! I expected a steady pace, but nope, that thing was in the air before you could say 'bascule bridge'! :-)

More of that blue!

Tower of London. 

How cool is this knitted graffiti that was attached to the bridge? It just made me really happy seeing that. I've tried finding out more about "Amberg bestrickend schön! in-knito". Do you know anything about it?

Not only were these roses really pretty, their scent was lovely. Rosy! In the background you can see part of Tower of London and the Shard, one of the latest additions to the London skyline.

xo, Carina
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