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October 4, 2013

Happy minimalist labels download

Organising with labels

We're still very much working on getting our little house in order. It takes a lot of time! I haven't really begun on my studio yet - although it is tidy enough that I can use the desk, so that's good!

I don't have a lot of storage space in the studio, but I was getting tired of everything being in random moving boxes. And then I found these cute cardboard boxes in Lidl (!) and since they are quite big I thought they would be perfect to keep all my crafty bits in. And look pretty at the same time. Pretty is good in a space where you're supposed to be creative, but I also need things to be somewhat orderly and contained. ;-)

Labels to download
But obviously, since the boxes look the same, apart from a small difference in size, there is no way I can remember what's in each one. So I made some labels and stuck them on with masking tape. Quick and simple to do and it's easy to change the labels if I need to because I didn't glue the labels on.

Maybe you need a bit of order in your life too? Or atleast in your craft materials - these labels can't tidy up the rest of our lives. ;-) If you do, you can download the labels right here. They come in the pink+green version I have used here and a blue+blue version.

Labels on boxes

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