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November 6, 2013

Stitch pretty flurries! Snowflake patterns in the shop

2013 snowflake patterns
This is something I have really come to look forward to each year: the snowflake pattern collection. And since this year is the fourth year I think it can safely be called a tradition by now. That makes me happy. :-)

And the patterns this year also make me happy. I like how they are not traditional Christmas colours. But such happy colours. Magenta, Teal and Tangerine. And as a set too, of course.

When I was stitching them last week, it actually occurred to me that as well as being snowflakes, they are also like little mandalas. Embroidering them felt very meditative. And I think that goes for all the snowflakes. Depending on the colours you use they can be year round if you think of them as mandalas.

Of course, if you want to stitch some snowflakes for the looming-ever-nearer holiday season, it's time to get started! And to celebrate the new 'flakes, you can get 15% off ALL snowflake patterns (including the sets!) until Sunday (November 10th). Just enter the code SNOWSTORM at checkout.

2013 snowflake patterns

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