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March 17, 2014

Days 50-72 - project 365

Day 50-52 - project 365 patterns
Alright. I really need to catch up on my 365 project. First a bunch from February. And as you can probably tell, I've changed the format of the collages to make documenting the project a bit speedier.

I take the pictures of each pattern/sketch with my mobile phone, like I have been doing previously. But now I make the triptych collages on the mobile as well and email those to myself. And then I just need to add some bits on my computer and I'm good to go.

Day 53-55 - project 365 patterns
More from February. Still using the watercolour crayons.

Day 56-58 - project 365 patterns
February... Of course, the disadvantage of the new documenting system is that sometimes the overall pattern will get lost, like in these three. But that's a trade off I'm ok with to make documenting the project quicker.

Day 59-61 - project 365 patterns
Last one of the watercolour crayons on the left. The other two are part of the playing I did on my day off on Wednesday.

Day 62-64 - project 365 patterns
I really liked making a whole bunch on Wednesday. I think I am going to do more in one go than one per day. You sort of get in the zone and one design inspires the next. And doing a bunch at a time is especially good when working with acrylics, as I did on Wednesday. Because I don't have anywhere to leave a painting station set up all the time and it feels like a lot of work to get out all the painting stuff just for one sketch...

Day 65-67 - project 365 patterns
So I have also changed the way I label the sketches. Instead of labeling them by date, they now get a number.

When I started this project, I really didn't foresee that I'd have to change my systems in this way. But I quite like it. I like that I'm learning something about how I work and not sticking to a particular system just because it's a system. I feel like I often set out these rules for myself and when the rules get in the way of getting things done.. I'm kinda stumped. But the answer is really simple of course. Rules can be good and help your work, but if the rules get in the way, they are bad rules. And it is ok to change the rules. :-)

Day 68-69 - project 365 patterns
I think this may be the first peacock I've ever drawn. It looks a bit goofy, kinda like it has antlers!

I really like the pattern on the right. I wanted to use up some paint instead of just wasting it. The pastel coloured brus marks are really nice. I might scan it properly and turn it into a fabric design. I think it would be cute for a top or something. Providing you can actually sew clothing, which I can't. ;-)

Day 70-72 - project 365 patterns
Pow! So colourful. I love that middle one. Juicy. :-)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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