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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Give your photos first aid!

Editing photos - Nail polish
I bet this sounds familiar: you spend an afternoon taking photos for your shop or maybe a tutorial on your blog. But then when you get the photos on your computer you realize that there's a bit of fluff on the Awesome Thing you made - or maybe cat hairs or whatever. That is so annoying!

But in a lot of cases that can be fixed without having to do the whole photo set up again. And it's just one of many techniques I am going to show you in the Light & Colour class.

You can even 'do' your nails with this technique. See that photo up there, obviously it's been made lighter and brighter, but look at the nails. On the left, part of it has come off and there's some weird stuff going on on the index finger. But look on the right, nail polish restored! Ok, you can't paint your nails, but in a lot of cases you can fix 'em.

Or maybe there's a spot on your face and you need to have a profile photo taken. This technique can take of that too. Some people might even use the technique to reduce the look of a double chin. Not that I have ever done that. ;-)

Sign up for the class now and learn how to make you photos even awesomer with this and other techniques. Beginners welcome. No need to know loads about photo editing already.

Use the code LIGHT until Friday to save 10% on the Light & Colour class.

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