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March 3, 2014

In Australian Homespun magazine

In Australian Homespun
As if having a pattern in Hoop-La! wasn't enough, there is one in the current issue of Australian Homespun too! And by coincidence that one also has birds in it! I worked on this piece last year in the middle of that heat wave we had, while we were staying at Tony's parents' for a couple of weeks. Because it was so hot during the day, I would get up early-early and sit in the garden by 6am and embroider this, listening to the early morning chorus.. There are worse ways to spend early summer mornings. :-)

This embroidery was quite time consuming. Because of all the straight lines I did more unpicking and re-stitching than I normally do. You can't have wonky straight lines, right? And it also took a while to get the hang of a technique to make the birds look just right. Embroidery isn't always as simple as it seems. I like the challenge of that! :-)

In Australian Homespun

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