Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scallop edge scissors for fabric!

Scallop edge scissors for fabric!
I've been looking for scissors that cut a scallop edge instead of triangles as you find with pinking shears. Scissors like that were surprisingly hard to find. 'Fancy' scissors are pretty much always for paper and won't be much good when cutting fabric or felt.

Scallop edge scissors for fabric!
But a little while ago I found what I was looking for. Hurray! Just look at that neat scallop-y edge!

I thought I'd share the link with you in case you've also been looking for this kind of scissors. I bought the scallop edge scissors from Cloud Craft. Oh by the way, if you've never bought on Etsy before, use this link first* and you should get £5.00 towards your first purchase!

*Affiliate link.

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