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September 19, 2014

Some things that inspired me this week - September 19

Small multi colour quilt top
Diane reviewed the book Modern Quilt Perspectives and it sounds pretty awesome.

These silos in Vancouver that were painted to look like giant people. I said 'that is so cool, that is so cool!' when I saw that. Because it is cool!!

The true cost of a [knitting] pattern. {via}

Laura at Bugs & Fishes did a wee crafty interview type thing with me last week. (Thank you, Laura! x)

Beautiful photo illustrations. With cakes. {via}

DIY marbled glassware. I so want to try this. I have pleeeenty of nail polish in funky colours! :-)

Baby quokkas are totally adorable.

Splityarn on Flickr made a pretty cool pouch embellished with my August Blooms pattern. :-)

How sugar affects the brain. Wow. {via}

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