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October 28, 2016

Friday Links :: Palettes, HEX colour, advent calendar

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This weeks' links are brought to you by tired-of-channel-surfing Blake. :-)

Palettes Turned into Paintings. Stunning!

If you need to quickly convert a HEX  colour to RGB or CMYK, Google can do that for you! Just type in the colour, for example #FF0000 (red) and search. Google will then show an info card for the colour and below it there's a 'Show Colour Values' link. Very handy!

This is fascinating. Humans follow arbitrary rules! People Watching. {via}

Is it ok to mention the 'C' word? There's only a month (plus change) until December... Here are some Christmas tree alternatives.

Or how about some cheap Christmas dec ideas using things you probably have around the house.

In the Company of Women, by Grace Bonney, is very high on my Christmas wishlist.

In 2011 I did a series of advent calendar present wrapping ideas. Some better than others it has to be said. :-D

The pressies were for an advent calendar for Tony, made from old shirt pockets. :-)

Lately, I've been re-listening to the album Corinne Bailey Rae (by Corinne Bailey Rae). I can't believe it's ten years old! It is a lovely album and I really like this sweet song called Put Your Records On. Perfect weekend music. :-)

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