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January 10, 2017

Finished Project :: Tamara Quilt

Tamara quilt
I realised I've not actually shared photos of the finished Tamara quilt. It is named for Tamara Kate because the inspiration for it came one of the fabrics in her Origami Oasis collection (see below).

Doing half square triangles on point was a bit of a pain, I have to admit. And for a couple of the fabrics, which are directional, I should have kept this orientation in mind, because they are at a 90° angle. But nevermind.

The overall effect is exactly what I was going for. Big and bold, lots of colour and showing off some of my favourite fabrics. No one is going to complain about the direction of the prints when they are snuggling under the quilt. ;-)

I only started the quilt two years ago and finally quilted it a couple of months ago! Quilts do not have a quick turnaround in this house! Or atleast they didn't when my studio was out of commission because of water damage.

But now I have the studio back so I should be able to finish things quicker. Especially since trying a new-to-me method of basting quilts. We don't have any quilt-basting floor space so that has made basting quite difficult.

I'd heard about basting on a table, using clamps to hold the quilt taut. I decided to give it a go with this quilt and it worked great. It would have worked even better if I had taken the time to iron the top and back properly, but hey-ho. The quilt is done and it's already in use by humans and dog. Blake really likes to make a nest in any quilt!

Origami oasis fabric

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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