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April 7, 2017

Five Friday Favourites - April 7

Five Friday Favourites
This week is all about the simple pleasures in life. I like simple. :-)

The guild meeting and the rest of Sunday in London.

The vegan croissant I bought on Sunday. I heated it in the oven and had it for breakfast on Monday. It was delicious. I can count on one hand the things I miss eating as a vegan, and a nice croissant is one of them.

Big favourite this week: the gorgeous weather! High teens, maybe even hovering around 20°C in the right conditions. For Blake's afternoon walk yesterday I just went out in flipflops, didn't even wear socks. Obviously I wore clothes, I didn't go outside in the buff! But you know, bare feet! ;-)

The latest issue of Oh Comely magazine arrived today. I can't wait to slowly read it all.

Blossom tree
Our blossom tree. I must mention that. The blossoms make such a short appearance and I appreciate every last second of it. Here's a funny thing about our blossom tree: all the time we've lived here, it has always blossomed (is that a word?) around this time, early April. But when we saw the house for the very first time, the tree was in bloom and that was in late April or early May. So maybe that was a sign? :-)

Have a lovely weekend, friends. xo C

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